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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.69 / 5 ( 7830 votes )
Update (6 days ago)



1) AI Control: Toggle On and Off the AI in Online Multiplayer
2) AI Assistance: Toggle On and Off Support for the AI
3) AI Level: Adjust the Level of AI Assistance with the AI Level Slider
4) Extra Customization: Set the Starting Title, Class, and Skill for your character

1) Main Features
Start a New Game
1) New Character Selection Screen
2) Multiple Difficulty Levels
3) Variety of Open-Fields and Dungeons
4) Test Mode for a Virtual Environment before making a Game Purchase
5) Easy and Quick Play Modes for a Good Start

1) World Map
1) Main Features
2) Open-Fields and Dungeons
3) Boss and Wanted Levels
4) Elodin’s Edge
5) Closed-Fields and Dungeons
6) An Option to Change the Field’s Name

1) Field Features
1) Boss and Wanted Levels
2) Battle System with Trial-and-Error Battles for Easy and Quick Play Modes
3) Character Customization and Different Skill Classes
4) Destructible Walls for Uniquely Imposing Battles
5) An Option to Change the Field’s Name
6) Customization of Sets of Items, Hair Styles and Animations

1) Character Customization and Different Skill Classes
1) Skill Classes
2) Customization of Sets of Items, Hair Styles and Animations
3) More Character Customization Features

1) Customization of Sets of Items
1) Item Sets
2) Different Item Sets for Each Skill Class

1) Hair Styles
1) Highlighting Styles
2) Styling
3) Style Customization
4) An Option to Change the Field’s Name

1) Hot Streak System

1) New Badges
1) Warps
2) Merging of Badges
3) New Customization Items
4) Backgrounds for New Badges

1) New Customization Items
1) Emblem Pins and Rings
2) Different Emblems and Emblems Customization
3) Emblem Pins
4) Rings

1) New Skill
1) Tactical Rolls:
※ Until you purchase a Skill, Tactical Rolls cannot be used


Features Key:

  • A large 3D environment, a visual feast that really takes you back to the world of Amondoon.

  • Deep play, not just simple “do” play. Complete the quests you find in the game and deepen your understanding of the world of Amondoon.
    Build and customize your own character, and be guided by grace to be an Elden Lord.

  • A sense of exhilaration as you fight back giants and monster with your own arms and weapons.

  • Strategy elements that bring the fantasy realm to life.

  • NieR: Automata includes a special Bonus Pack:

    • Elden Rings: Collect them, and exchange them to raise the power of your character.

      But do not lose sight of where your true love lies.
      Become an Elden Lord, the noble of the Elden Ring.

    • NieR: Music Collection: as an official fan of the game, the bonus pack includes some of the best songs in the game, including a rare song that only the interdimensional invaders can sing (in collaboration with

    • Undies: Includes game content of Undies that can be exchanged to Lorensia.


    • NieR: Automata Game (Install the trial version and follow the instructions to register for the full version. System requirements: Windows: PC (Intel x86-compatible CPU) OS, Windows 10 / 8 / 8.1 / 7 Service Pack 1, Xbox One. Blu-ray Disc or DVD-ROM drive. 512MB BIOS. NVIDIA GeForce 8400 or later. NVIDIA GeForce 7200 or later, ATI graphics card with open source driver. Please visit the


      Elden Ring Keygen [Win/Mac]


      Jyun-Fu, January 21, 2016 02:50 PM

      Title : Elden Ring Cracked Accounts: A new videogame release

      Description : The full version of Elden Ring Product Key was released today for PC, and firstly we get the game of the new saga! – The new fantasy action role playing game « Elden Ring » is made in North East Asia.

      It’s the beginning of a world full of adventure, and the saga of the player lies in this new console version of this interactive title.

      The famous combat action games have an interactive element in a single player mode for the first time, where the challenge and achievement is the player’s!

      You will be able to test your skills in intense battles against numerous opponents, and you will find the game full of surprises and challenges.

      You will find yourself in a fantastic world, an ancient and unknown world at the dawn of time, in a large open world full of adventure and secrets. You will explore a vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.

      Reality is kept in the game of the world : you will have to fulfill missions to progress through the game, and you will control your adventurer. This character will develop during your travels. You will find yourself in a complete adventure, where your skills will be put to the test, and where your quest is to master the art of fighting.

      Using the full version of Elden Ring ( PC version ) you will be able to travel through numerous popular settings, where you will find the dungeons with their guardians, and the enemies that you will have to master during your quest in the game.

      You will have to fight against opponents of different levels, and you will not be alone. You will find yourself in group, which will accompany you throughout your quest in the game.

      If you have a well equipped you will find a complete adventure in Elden Ring : combat, exploration, danger, magic, and mysteries!

      Become an Elden Lord. Rise, Tarnished. The real power of the Elden Ring has arrived!

      What is the new fantasy action RPG “Elden Ring”?



      Elden Ring Activator Download [Latest 2022]

      ■ Game Features
      1) Swipe left or right to move your character
      2) Left or right on the touch screen to change the character’s direction
      3) A perfectly designed, anime-inspired world, with a wide variety of places and situations to enjoy
      4) An absolutely unique OS system in which each of your items can be experienced individually
      5) Unique UI elements that are easy to use
      6) A large, awesome dungeon for you to explore with other players
      7) Customized map and party controller available
      8) Timeless and unparalleled action RPG gameplay
      9) Different types of battles and strategies to master
      10) Many great songs to listen to as you play
      11) Are you an anime fan? Enjoy our character illustrations in this game

      ■ How to Play
      1) Please read the manual about the OS system and touch screen input
      2) Make sure that the game is not running
      3) Download the OS system
      4) Run the game
      5) If you’ve never played RPG before, the OS system will be a little difficult to use at first. However, after a while, you’ll be able to enjoy the OS system and start with ease.
      6) OS menu -> Combat settings and HP settings
      7) Use the menu to rearrange the layout of the OS
      8) Use the touch screen to change the direction of the character
      9) Use the touch screen to switch between battles and view the map
      10) OS menu -> Carry and equip items and the map (on the soft keyboard)
      11) You can change the button layout and the interface in the OS menu.
      12) The system input buttons are
      • Attack (AE)
      • HP settings (HS)
      • Inventory (I)
      13) The touch screen buttons are
      • Map (T)
      • Items (E)
      • Inventory (I)
      14) The soft keyboard buttons are
      • Command (C)
      • A (Y)
      • B (X)
      15) The mouse button is
      • Map (T)
      16) You can set the battle settings on the touch screen in the combat settings option.
      • Attack
      • Item
      17) In battles, one enemy is displayed in the lower portion of the screen. You can tap them to attack.
      18) In the upper portion of the screen, a number of enemies are displayed. You can tap the enemies to attack.


      What’s new:


      SITR is based on the strategy game brand of The legendary video game franchise WOW, has been developed to match SITR’s action RPG style as a new, free-to-play game.
      SITR will see the virtual world WOW collaborates with SITR to implement elements of WOW.

      · Create your own world
      · Battle multiple enemies at the same time
      · Fully customize characters and battle companions
      · Daily tasks to earn event items
      · A variety of game services such as a guild, clan, etc.
      · Smooth multiplayer game that allows you to connect to others

      SITR’s Contents Plan

      This MOUNTAIN DEBUT OF ・“CHAPTER ONE”Story will be held from around SEPTEMBER 2018 to MARCH 2019 and we plan a continuation for the coming year.
      ・“CHAPTER ONE” Story Information
      In this story, the “Elden Ring” is a secret agency that guards Morheim, that is, the world called “The Lands Between”.
      In “The Lands Between”, Elden Ladies, wealthy young ladies who work for the Elden Ring, live as idlers and like mercenaries
      and have separate two distinctive ranks.
      At that time, the Wild Elemis, the king of the forest, appears and announces the coming of Tarnished, the hero that will restore the Astral Age.
      Elden Ring sends a Young Captain who seeks out Tarnished while observing the destruction of the Wild Elemis.

      · The “Elden Ring” is a secret organization with a dedicated team of Valkyries
      · The setting of the game is WOW MORIRE LE corner, Morheim that is the second home of the “WOW” that had a story, “Tarnished 100” for WOW CARNAGE but was disbanded last year.
      · You can run around as the hero, Tarnished, who is a young


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      5. You Have Read And Agree To Our End User Licence AgreementQ:

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      How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

    • Extract the rar archive
    • Install the game
    • Play

    How to Crack:

    • Unpack
    • Open rar
    • Install
    • Play


    This game and the provided crack will be updated regularly. This means that updates will be no longer deliverable with the crack. This is the reason why it is strongly recommended to uninstall the old crack and use the new one installed with our crack. If you don’t want to manually delete a crack installed in your game folder you can clear the crack out through the start menu.


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    System Requirements:

    The game is not recommended for Mac users. The game will crash if you play on a Mac.
    The game will work for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP users.
    The game will not work on Windows Phone 8.0 and on any Android version older than 4.3.
    iPhone users should have iOS 8.0 installed.
    iPhone users must be connected to a Wi-Fi network to play, because the game will connect to it and download game data. If there are no Wi



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