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Name Elden Ring
Publisher kaetale
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ABOUT MOBIUS INC. MOBIUS INC. is a global game company dedicated to creating fun, accessible and addictive mobile content. We have produced and released various highly successful titles in Japan, Korea, and China, including the Riven series, Puzzle & Dragons, Lost Odyssey, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and Volgarr the Viking. MOBIUS INC. has proudly become known as a quality content developer that is a world leader in Asia. ABOUT HOSIDO FUJISAWA HOSIDO FUJISAWA is a veteran game designer and designer. He is known as the co-creator of the Grand Theft Auto series and creator of the Lost Odyssey series. His first game, Lost Odyssey: Tonbei’s True Odyssey (2001), was released as a launch title for the original PlayStation. In 2002, he released Lost Odyssey: The Weird World. He was hired as design producer for the Lost Odyssey series. He has since worked on development of various titles in the Lost Odyssey universe, including as director, producer, and writer. As of March 2015, he is working as executive producer on Ori and the Blind Forest. A graduate of the Funakoshi Academy, he is also a member of the A-1 Pictures board of directors. ABOUT TREND OF ANIME TREND OF ANIME is a game content creation company based in Seattle, Washington that designs and develops fun, accessible, and addictive mobile content. Their passion is in bringing unique, indie, and classic video games to the mobile platform. TREND OF ANIME’s first game “Rival Turf: Gang Warfare” was launched in July 2016. TREND OF ANIME is made up of a diverse team of veterans from a variety of industries including mobile game development, indie game development, and videogame publishing. ABOUT EUROPA PRESS EUROPA PRESS is a French game developer based in Paris, France, founded in 2006. Its most recent titles are Untamed (by Data Monst’R), Case of the Vanishing Knight(by Gamewhore), and Run at the Speed of Light (by Gamewhore). Other titles include the cult classic The Technic Quest (by Technic Quest), Under Pressure (by Gamewhore), the film industry simulation Game: Story Of The Republic (by Ubisoft), the mobile game World Theme Park (by Gamevil


Features Key:

  • Cyclic Split-Screen Game Modes for Two Players • Cyclic Dungeon and Battle Modes • First Person Mode for Player and Computer • Battle Formation and Rune Combinations • You and Your Allies can All Play on the Same Computer at the Same Time!
  • Real-time Tactical Warfare • Transform your party into an all-out weapon of righteous power • Collect Inventory, Include Allies and Play with a Friend!
  • Real-time Multiplayer; Join Online and Play Together!
  • Online Play Without a Network Connection • Put your skills to the test against players around the world on the internet!
  • Gorgeous High-Resolution Graphics and Trusted Developer: Ares Digital Entertainment
  • Brilliant Gameplay designed by: L-Lies
  • Intuitive UI Controls
  • Thousands of Allies and Townspeople for You to Acquire!
  • Improved System Version so Players Do Not Have Difficulty Fulfilling Requests!
  • A new Legendary Enchantment. A buff effect that will be useful in combat.
  • In addition to the previously available map, Defense of the Northern Lands, new maps have been added! A new map is in development!
  • The upcoming contents will be determined after the end of sales.
  • The hype has already arrived.