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Ricochet Rampage is a cyberpunk, tactical-action game where your goal is to reach the end of the level. You are a special agent in the most advanced weapons, manufacturing, and research facilities on the planet. Your mission is to gain access to top-secret data and eliminate threats. Your weapons of choice are pieces of art on wheels, equipped with high-tech weaponry and cutting-edge technology. The first move is yours in every level. There is no way back. Gameplay: [GARDEN] Players must clear each level by driving their vehicle through a maze-like landscape, while trying to defeat an enemy force by destroying or capturing a specific number of key buildings, which are scattered through the level. The player is rewarded with more vehicles and weapons for each level cleared. Note: All vehicles are destructible, and some are fueled by three different power sources: fuel tanks, batteries, and capacitors. When destroyed, all power sources are drained, which may reduce the vehicle’s power, but not its ultimate ability to move or fire. Players can visit buildings to fill or consume ammunition to increase their power gauge. At the start of a level, players begin with only one gun, but they can earn more, or upgrade to new guns later. The players also have access to four different types of ammunition, including mortar, rocket, energy, and explosive. Enemies in the game are gun-wielding robots and armed personnel. Players can destroy them with their weapons, but once the enemies are eliminated, they can kill and capture other players. All players have a power gauge which must be refilled in order to continue playing. Every five seconds, the power gauge is reset to three percent, so players must take advantage of every opportunity to recharge their gauge. Even without any power, players still have a number of vehicles at their disposal, allowing them to pass through a maze-like tunnel, shoot through other vehicles or machines, and shoot projectiles into the air at a slight angle. The player’s main weapon is a “truck” that can be upgraded into two different variants, including a car that can drive off-road and a gun that can be used to shoot enemies on the ground, in the air, or in the water. Players can upgrade their weapons and vehicles many times during a level. [LANGUAGE] Roblox


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