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Every service, especially online ones ask for different credentials to minimize the changes of your account to get hijacked. This can be a little frustrating, having to remember an abundance of credentials, but you can rely on applications like Safety Password to keep your information protected locally.
Take care when managing the database
It takes a little while before you get to take the application for a spin, because the installer is short and uneventful. A compact window shows up on launch, which might leave you scratching your head for a while, especially since data suddenly disappears from the input field with every action you perform.
The downside is that the application doesn’t come with a safety measure of its own, not even in the form of a password prompt for accessing the database, so you need to be careful where you save all credentials files, and who is watching when managing your credentials.
Leaves more to be desired
A built-in generator can help you create new passwords for new accounts in a simple process. It requires a maximum character length, the username, and target service which needs to be in the form of a URL for the process to be successful. Note that all details are not visible on the spot, and need to be accessed to review details.
In fact, credentials are displayed on a single row in plain text format, with no possibility to change anything once created. Only one set of credentials can be viewed at a time, with a dedicated option to send all details to the clipboard. However, there is the possibility to add extra text inside the display box after it’s copied, but changes are not saved in the database.
In conclusion
All things considered, we can say that Safety Password comes with good intentions, but the way in which the situation is tackled leaves more to be desired. It’s difficult to tell whether or not values are saved, and almost every action performed clears the display area of all details.







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Take care when managing the database: Yes
Generates passwords: Yes
Leaves more to be desired: Yes


Don’t run with scissors

Safe Passwords is one of those applications that may benefit you if you need a proofreading tool. The application allows you to copy any word from a web page, and edit it with its own tailored features. The intuitive interface is simple to navigate, and it’s straightforward to select words using the mouse.
The downside is that it’s limited to text, with no other possible types of input, which means you’ll need to be selective with what you copy. You can chose to copy from any link, but not from an e-mail, for example, for extra safety.
Meanwhile, you can only use one letter at a time, and the first character is chosen by pressing Enter. The same applies to the second, third, and fourth letters, and results in a letter combination that will be used in the new word, which is used to replace any previous word. However, spaces will remain unchanged, unless you’re planning to add a single letter.
You can use another keyboard shortcut to choose a random letter, but the same process is applied to the next letter. The same goes for a second keyboard shortcut, where you can choose the first or the last letter of the word.
It’s not always clear how the replacement process works, with both example words not made fully visible, and what changes are made to them. One part of the screen just displays the example word, while the other displays a blank space. It’s not exactly intuitive to find out how things work.
Still, it’s a neat app that generates new words from websites. The only way to edit the word at hand is by choosing a letter and pressing Enter, or by replacing one letter with another, which will not result in a new word.
You can select the size of your word from the options available, with a maximum limit of 16 letters. When the word is generated, the app will display it in a random place on the current webpage.
It’s a neat app that can be used to make custom sentences from content published online. All you need to do is copy any word from a website, and use it to edit or create a new word.
While it’s not the only tool for

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Support for the most popular services

Simple tool for password creation

Specify a maximum password length

Password strength determination

Simple search for and removal of credentials

Possibility to specify a destination URL for credentials

Synchronize data on different devices

Available for Windows, MacOS and Linux


Safari Password Manager and Generator


User rating: 5






Platform: MacOS


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Review Summary:

What is the purpose of this app?
Safari Password Manager and Generator allows you to bookmark various credentials, that you need in a safe manner. The application also allows you to set custom passwords and create the appropriate ones for your various accounts. You also get to specify the maximum length of the password, as well as the required strength to be considered a good one. All details are visible on the spot and can be synchronized with a single click.

For what are you looking for?
Safari Password Manager and Generator is a simple tool that has the capacity to save you hours on a daily basis. It allows you to have a single place for all your passwords, which can be conveniently synchronized from any device with the push of a single button, and maintain the passwords in a safe manner, with a dedicated area for keeping them.

What we liked:

Specify the maximum password length and strength

Synchroinize data with a single click


Option to lock data

Option to export in CSV format

Option to import in CSV format

Very easy to use

Available on all platforms

What we didn’t like:

No password strength indicator

No option to change the displayed format

No option to specify the

Safety Password

Safety Password is a lightweight, portable application designed to help you protect your passwords. In the rare occasion that you forget an important login or password, you can safely remember it with this free application. This simple program works with all popular websites and modern browsers, and includes the following features:
Secure Note: Once your password is stored, you can safely write it down in a Safe Note. It is protected from everyone but you, and even your child can’t read it.
Protected Password: You can change your passwords in your Safe Note as often as you want, and if you ever forget one, you can read it with a unique PIN.
Password Compare: Once a new password is created, you can use this feature to compare it with the existing one, to make sure you’re not sending it to anyone.
Password Generator: Forgetting a password is a frustrating experience, so we added a Password Generator feature to help you create a new password as you want.
Password Security: Make sure you don’t create the same password for all websites, as this is a good way to lose your sensitive information.
Backup Password: Simply copy all your credentials to a file, and it’s safe.
Send Password: You can safely send your sensitive information to anyone in a secure text file. No third-party app or website is required, and it’s easy to start using this feature as soon as it’s installed on your device.
Password Manager: Store all your passwords in a single safe location on your computer. The list of websites is not visible, and all data is protected in a password protected file.
Paste to Clipboard: You can paste the contents of your Safe Note in a secure text file, and send it to anyone using your own email address.
Compatible with Linux, Android, Mac and Windows.

PC-BSD 10.0 « Log-In Screen

PC-BSD is a complete, desktop-based BSD operating system that is full of tools, features and programs needed to get you connected to your network and online! Easily install software and find documentation online at


GNOME Desktop – Replace the X Window System

If you prefer a more traditional desktop desktop environment, you can select GNOME, KDE, or a handful of other options.

Multi-User Authentication – No Need for Admin Privileges

PC-BSD allows you

What’s New In?

A solution for safety Password to backup your most sensitive data and credentials online.
Note: This app is still in Beta and there might be some bugs or missing features. It is a software release, not a live app.
More information about Safety Password can be found at the following link:
How To Use:
Select the type of credential you want to add: Websites, Emails, Applications and Twitter.
You will then be asked for the username and password for the service you want to manage.
The generated and copied credentials will appear in a dedicated tab below the input field.
Download Safety Password

The LastPass application offers a number of features to help you create and manage sensitive passwords.
The app can run on all operating systems and is portable, making it perfect for use on a mobile device.
What can it do for you?
The LastPass application can help you create strong passwords for multiple login options and websites. It can create a large number of random character passwords with the use of a generator.
LastPass can be integrated with a variety of websites such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple.
It can manage your logins for accounts and passwords, making it ideal for sharing with friends. It can also save these passwords to the LastPass vault.
Once you’ve downloaded and installed LastPass, run it and go to the ‘Sign up’ menu.
From here you need to set up an account, if you haven’t already got one.
As you type in your details you’ll notice the password has already been generated for you. Click ‘Sign Up’ to save this details to the LastPass vault.
The app will open automatically when you log into LastPass.
If you want to generate a new password, you can do so by clicking on ‘Generate Password’.
Creating a new account
When you’re logged in, select the service you want to add a password to, and press ‘OK’.
A new list of options will open up, giving you the ability to add a new password.
You can do this by clicking the button ‘Enter password’ to fill in the details for a new website.
If there are any characters that you want to make sure don’t appear in the password, click the cog button to disable them.

System Requirements:

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
Minimum: Intel Core 2 Duo or later
Minimum: 2GB of RAM
64-bit Operating System
Minimum: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon processor
Minimum: 500 MHz RAM


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