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We understand the challenges of balancing work, family, and college, and we understand the sacrifices that must be made to achieve your academic goal. But you must understand that you cannot build relationships on one, and a family on the other. You must ensure that your career will always be a priority for you.”
In an interview with Forbes Clerk Cary Elwes spoke of the important commitment a student has to make: “If you want to achieve something, to make a career, you have to sacrifice something.”
The concept of respect for work that benefits society is one of the fundamental values ​​of a post-industrial society. Similarly, a true friend is one who gives his time, energy and ability for the common good.
John Lennon said: “Many people seek to avoid criticism, and therefore everyone around them tells them: “Don’t criticize yourself”. The problem is that criticizing others is harder than criticizing yourself. This is a great truth, but also a great lie. No one is ever right and no one will ever be wrong. Criticism is stupid. Criticism leads to nothing but problems – both personal and social significance.
Regardless of what a student does in their first year, students must understand the importance of respect for the profession, responsibilities and work performed.
Thus, at the University of Pennsylvania, students—and graduates—are instructed to respect the profession in which they are educated, its values, responsibilities, and tasks, and to respect the work they perform.
Protect yourself and don’t let others down. Many people assume that their actions will not be subject to the law because they feel confident. However, it is not.
Research work carried out at the University of Pennsylvania can only be criticized if:
They emphasize the problem or neglect the solution;
They are not equipped to solve the problem;
They lack the necessary education;
Violation of professional and ethical standards;
Others get in the way of solving the problem; or
Completely violated agreements; or;
No alternative approach was discussed and results questioned; or no data was received; or deadlines have been violated; or reorganized the organization.
Everyone must understand when their actions will be considered a violation, and understand how the leadership and members of the community may react to this. If the student believes that their actions do not violate any norms




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