Shelf 11.1.0 Activator X64 [Updated] 2022

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Shelf is a compact dock utility for the Mac. It is designed to be both a useful and stylish program which can remove, navigate and sort your files and folders.
Despite it’s graphical simplicity Shelf can do a pretty impressive amount of more than its namesake.
*Shelf can remove ANY files (even those which it stores) from your computer. *
Shelf can list, browse and delete files on any part of the file system. *
Shelf can browse, copy, send, zip, tar, and unzip files and folders on your hard drive. *
Shelf can protect your files from the many ways in which they can be altered or corrupted. *
Shelf can be repositioned on top of any Mac program you’d like to use. *
While not the most powerful dock utility Shelf is designed to be able to remove the clutter of visual clutter from your system. It is also designed to be extremely stable and reliable.
Shelf is written in Java and uses the OpenGL API for the graphics. As such Shelf is capable of supporting files from just about any platform on which Java can be installed.
Source code is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). In order to retain binary compatibility we make use of the GPLd classes from the JGL.

EZShelf is a native Windows file management solution that helps you organize and navigate your files and folders faster and easier than ever before! It’s your perfect companion, wherever your files are!
* Supports file type filtering and searching.
* Supports sorting by various properties and file attributes.
* Automatically connects to external drives.
* Supports file sharing and dragging and dropping (requires Windows 7 and later).
* Supports file rename notification.
* Supports compression.
* Supports secure password protected connections.
* Supports streaming, queuing and re-sizing of files.
* Supports search across all included drives.
* Displays drive and path details and properties.
* Supports automatic rearranging of drives.
* Supports drag and drop of files.
* Supports automatic re-arranging of drives.
* Supports drag and drop of folders.
* Supports drag and drop of files and folders.
* Supports drag and drop of entire folders.
* Supports a bulk renaming feature.
* Supports adding and extracting files and folders.
* Supports the drag and drop of compressed files.

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Shelf is a dock bar for launching any file, it has been designed by Máirín Duffy.
Shelf pros

Shelf is very small, nothing to worry about.

Shelf does not try and hog your screen real estate.

Shelf is very well suited for launching a web browser, because if you’re already there, why not launch some Java2D based apps?

It looks very nice

It’s simple to use.

It is on GNU/Linux, OSX and Windows.

Shelf runs on the Java2D API

Shelf does not use Java components or libraries that are not part of the standard Java API.

Shelf requires Java2D 1.2 or above.

Shelf uses standard text based user interfaces.

It’s really, really easy to install.
Shelf cons

It does not listen to the user. It launches whatever file is in the folder when you open it.

Some users have reported that it stutters when launching a large number of files.

Shelf does not listen to the user. It is a very hard process to configure how you launch files from Shelf.

If you run a Windows OS, then I would recommend using this. I tried it on my Windows 10 PC using Java2D API (see below) and it worked just fine. If you run a GNU/Linux OS then be aware that it is a J2D, and J2D is an old API. There are some blogs and forums that give you instructions on how to run J2D. If you Google around that could potentially make your life a little bit easier.

Finally, if you want to use Shelf, or Java2D on an OSX or Linux then I would suggest going to this link. It was my first experience using Java2D on an OSX. It worked fine, I even used it a lot, but the behaviour of the app launcher was just annoying to me, and that I could not avoid.
J2D is old. It’s old! Use Swing!

I wanted a simple way to launch applications with a fullscreen window, using Java’s new Java2D technology. I didn’t want to drop down to the command-line either.

Instead of the


Easy and Self Contained: Shelf has no dependencies other than the Java Runtime Environment, which is always available on Windows machines.
Small size: Shelf is just 50k in size.
Friendly Interface: Shelf is very friendly and can be launched by simply double clicking the shelf.exe.
Colorful: Shelf looks better than other programs that do similar task like it has an “rainbow” effect. The dark theme can be enabled with a few clicks.
Lightweight: Shelf does not take up much of your computer resources.
Elegant: Shelf is very pleasing to the eye with its colorful background.
Simple: Shelf only shows the path to the file being launched. The rest of the window is handled by Java2D.

Shelf has an open source version available at the Github site.

What’s New In Shelf?

You can access most of your file locations and open directories using Shelf. You can even create new folders and move files and folders to your new location.
Shelf Features:

* Add/Edit/Remove entries from the dock bar
* Create new directories
* Search for locations of files and folders in the current and previous directories
* Exit the application
* View/Edit the current preferences
* Change the dock bar themes
* Up/Down scrolling for the dock bar and options
* Configurable directory name search
* Configurable directory separator
* Configurable directory width
* Configurable horizontal and vertical scrollbar size
* Configurable horizontal and vertical scrollbar visibility
* Load/Save application settings
* Configurable folder icons
* Configurable mouse scrollbar
* Change the dock bar mouse cursor
* Configurable the mouse click on folder icons (default is to open)
* Configurable the mouse cursor when a folder is clicked (default is to cycle through the icons in a folder)
* Full menus and keyboard commands
* Configurable color options
* Configurable transparency (default is full)
* Configurable dock bar transparency (default is full)
* Configurable arrow size (default is small)
* Configurable vertical scrollbar location
* Configurable horizontal and vertical scrollbar locations
* Configurable mouse scrollbar location
* Configurable mouse scrollbar location (when vertical scrollbar is used)
* Configurable mouse scrolling (default is off)
* Configurable folder scroll (default is off)

Shelf’s interface
* The default dock bar is slightly transparent and looks nice.
* You can set the application menu item to your own image of choice.
* The default dock bar (and top menu bar) can have rounded corners (if you use the transparent theme).
* You can use the default, document, fullscreen and transparent themes or any combination of the three.
* You can set the dock bar (and top menu bar) to have a custom size.
* You can set the dock bar mouse cursor to your own image or one of the 8 that come with the application.
* The default dock bar can have arrows on the sides pointing up or down.
* The default dock bar can have a horizontal scrollbar and can be a vertical scrollbar with the vertical scrollbar.
* You can set the default horizontal scrollbar size and place it below the vertical scrollbar if

System Requirements For Shelf:

Windows 7
32-bit OS (Windows 7 x64 supported)
1.5 GHz
1 GB VRAM (GeForce GTX 260 recommended)
50 GB available hard-drive space
Nvidia’s GTC 260 graphics card
Voodoo3 or better DirectX 9-compatible videocard
Windows 98 or better, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista
32-bit OS (Windows 98 x64 supported)


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