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You can always find the latest & greatest games on Roblox! See which games are new & popular, play top-rated games, or challenge your friends to create your own games!
We created Roblox to make it possible for everyone to create their own games without programming skills or big budgets. By making a game, you can become the next big creator on Roblox.
Roblox is the best place to play, create, and be king!
Kid-tested, parent approved
You love watching new games come out? We do too. It’s why we developed Roblox.
It’s your own unique kingdom. Create how you play.
It’s robux for you and your friends. Play forever, build anything, or join in a game of paintball.
Roblox is filled with players from all ages, genres, and countries. Everyone has been drawn to the unique ecosystem Roblox has to offer.
The creator of the game becomes the hero of the game!
…and it’s free!
There’s no better feeling than booting up your imaginations with friends and completely FREE!
Be the villain or the defender. Roblox is your game.
~Play Roblox!

Robin Hood: Hoods and His Merry Men – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [Roblox 3D Games]
*Masked Menaces
*The Merry Men
*Scar-Slaying Merry Men
*Epic Endings
Bridget about her mission at Blackleeches:
“Shhh! Stay down! The Blackleeches are on our hunt for a fugitive!”
Preston, shooting arrows from the quiver attached to his head:
Flinch during a fight, hoping you can flee:
“Oh, noooo! The Blackleeches are on our hunt, Robin Hood!”
Preston, after shooting an arrow:
“Oh, noooo! The Blackleeches are on our hunt, Robin Hood!”
Flinch during a fight, and get shot in the stomach:
“Oh, noooo! The Blackleeches are on our hunt, Robin Hood!”
The sheriff runs up to the fight:
“Oh, noooo! The




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Use the search bar to find something.Q:

Adding New Views Between Views From XML

I’m building an Android View Library which contains a series of TabLayout widgets.
I am using some custom views to control which tabs are visible and which are off of screen. The user can click an off of screen tab button and my views will handle that. When this happens, I want to inject a new ViewLayout into the LayoutParams and push the new views into the layout.
I’ve implemented this before but have never needed to build the layout in XML.
Right now, I’m calling RecycleViewAdapter.addViews() and it isn’t reacting.
I’ve been searching the documentation for the API for 4 days now. I’ve been experimenting with a bunch of different variations of adding new views but have hit a wall. So far, I’m at a loss. Does anyone know how I can inject new Views from XML or how to add new views to a Layout?


In your Adapter override the onCreateViewHolder method. Implement the setData in this method for each view you want to create. In your case:
public RecyclerView.ViewHolder onCreateViewHolder(ViewGroup viewGroup, int i) {
View view = LayoutInflater.from(viewGroup.getContext()).inflate(R.layout.my_layout, viewGroup, false);
return new MyViewHolder(view);

and in your View Holder:
public class MyViewHolder extends RecyclerView.ViewHolder{

public View v;

public MyViewHolder(View itemView) {
v = itemView;

public void onBindViewHolder(RecyclerView.ViewHolder holder, int position) {


public int getItemCount() {
return 0;

To test it, add the xml file (my_layout) with views in the res/layout folder, build your library, and when you create your adapter, pass in the


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To improve the data access performance, a cache memory may be provided between a host computer and a storage device. When the host makes a read request of data that is located in a buffer, first, the cache memory stores the data in the buffer in a volatile storage device. If the cache memory stores the data, the data is available for access in the host. Accordingly, it is possible to enhance the data access performance. Moreover, when the buffer becomes full, the cache memory is capable of storing the data temporarily, and if the data stored in the buffer is requested again later, the cache memory transfers the data stored in the cache memory to the storage device. It is possible to read the data from the cache memory at high speed.
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