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A sequel to Daydream
In a world where the gods have been dead for centuries, the people began to pray to them again. However, it is because of the return of the gods that created the monsters known as “God Warriors.”
In this world, heroes chose gods as their master and used their magic to fight the God Warriors. However, due to the power of the Gods Warriors, heroes couldn’t win the war. Then the enemies created God Warriors in an attempt to take over this world.
It is the world where the humans have been fighting the God Warriors since the past. And, in order to save mankind, the gods have planned to send powerful hero groups to fight them off.
Although mankind decided to wage war against the otherworldly monsters, they only summoned humans and never created any God Warriors. However, the gods have decided to make the Gods Warriors as a countermeasure.
And, the creation of God Warriors has been a major threat to mankind for a long time.
This game was originally called Daydream since it was in development for the Game Cube.
And, this game is the sequel of Daydream.
-Jasmine♥, a goddess. The main heroine of this game. She possesses a power which can cancel all magic.
-Cinder, the daughter of the god. She was born from passion. As she takes care of the baby, her mind is shaken. And, after that she decided that she would fight with the otherworldly monsters in order to kill them.
-Jade, a goddess. She possesses the power of “Thunder,” which protects people from the monsters. Although she was weak, she takes responsibility as the goddess.
-Stone, a God Warrior. She embodies the power of “Ice,” which destroys all magic. She receives the power from the gods on the day of her birth.
-Anubis, a God Warrior. She possesses the power of “Earth,” which leads to the destruction of the world. And, after that she also received the power of “Thunder” from the gods.
-Pestilence, the god. He gives evil magic, which is critical to the survival of the world. And, he will pay anything to create more God Warriors.
-Death, the god. He gives magic of death, which destroys the power of the heroes. However, he also has a kind heart.


Features Key:

  • Action roleplaying
  • Unique skill system
  • Weapons and armors
  • You can summon monsters and use them to deal damage
  • Heroic action and adventure game


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A Monster’s Expedition (Through Puzzling Exhibitions) was written and developed by Croteam (Killing Floor, Retribution, Serious Sam) and published by Devolver Digital in September 2015 for PC, Mac and Linux. The game features co-op and competitive multiplayer; all weapons are destructible and some have alternate, deadly weapons; and all weapons can be used for melee. A Monster’s Expedition has been featured on Metal Hammer, Joystiq, Eurogamer and Gametrailers, amongst others.
● Real-Time Arrangements: Each instrumentation in A Monster’s Expedition plays itself in real-time as the camera scrolls through each area of the game
● Extensive Weapon Mechanics: All weapons are destructible, and some can be lethal on their own. Some require reloading, others include alternate weapons
● Competitive and Co-Op Multiplayer: A Monster’s Expedition has a number of modes; from Deathmatch to Capture The Flag. Each mode has its own scoring system and map layout
● Different Survival-Based Challenges and Rewards: During different sections of the game, players can complete survival challenges for extra experience, or complete the rest of the game and earn bonus items
● Exploration and Research: Explore a world of mystery, and collect hundreds of unique items, crafting them to power-up your weapons. Discover the mythical weapon X, and develop new abilities
● Storyline: An untold tale of a long forgotten civilization
● Graphics: A Monster’s Expedition was developed for high-end PCs and Macs, and runs at a silky smooth 60 frames-per-second on all systems

It’s time to leave your mark in the zombie apocalypse, join a team of survivors as they explore an apocalyptic wasteland, and help them build a new society from the ground up! You’ll need to deal with hunger, the undead, and the elements in order to help the survivors build a community, and endure in the zombie apocalypse.

Featured Gameplay Trailer:

Meet the Survivors
The Survivors series of games offers an immersive, survival sandbox experience by focusing on building a new society. The game offers classic gameplay that enables players to build their own shelter in the middle of an unforgiving zombie-infested world. With a variety of firearms and melee weapons at players’ disposal, they will need to make sure everyone is safe while building the perfect shelter that can stand up to any undead outbreak. Explore a survival sandbox where you


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“If you are looking for an old school, arcade-style brawler to bring the “old schoolers” back, it is right here!” – Mobi Mobanews
“The mini-games in Mayhem ZX are insanely addictive and I enjoyed each and every one of them.” – Doom HQ
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“Fast as f*ck multi-player brawler, mash buttons, become a biker, this game still keeps you thinking what button to press next!” – Road Rage
“The best part of this game is your friends, you can play it all the way through, they even join for a bit, if you just got separated from them.” – Road Rage
“After playing this game I feel like crashing a car into a wall… I haven’t had this much fun playing a game in a long, long time.” – TheBigMama
“Good old school design and unique setting to a modern game.” – The Rock FM
“The only game I play now for 2 hours straight, I need a game that keeps me pumped up!” – RockFM
“This game is old school today but it didn’t come back in the wrong way.” – Herald of Blood
“Make some friends and play good times with them! Then come together on a couch and start throwing paint, it’s about time we all had some fun!”
“Can’t wait to play!” – How Great is Game
Click here to read the game’s official policy page or click the above press kit to read our Official press kit.
Thanks, thanks and more thanks!
We hope to hear from you!Q:

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I’ve also tried this…
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