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SuperCat is a comprehensive and intuitive application that helps you easily find any files on all available hard and external hard drives and catalog them. Some of the offered features are catalog entire disks or a single directory, built-in zip option, detailed search function, and schedule automatic updates of lists. It's wrapped in a well-organized and clean interface providing multiple tabs, each with a different purpose. It can be used with by both novice and experienced users. Other useful features are the ability to find duplicates, browse catalogs and drag-and-drop files from SuperCat to other apps. Add, manage and customize your catalogs To create a new directory all you have to do is access the corresponding tab, select the desired location, as well as choose if you want the book all the records or just specific ones (e.g. compressed archives, images, text documents), and include subfolders. Plus, you can mark other optional elements, like catalog archive content, calculate the checksum, or enable auto-comments. For the search option, items names can contain both upper and lowercase characters, along with case insensitive. In addition, it lets you look up in all the catalogs or just a specific one, and apply a filter to only search for pictures, web and executable files, documents, and multimedia items. The result window shows all the found records with information such as name, path, size, date, and description. Look for duplicated files and export data You can use the Explorer tab to manage existing directories from where you can access options like update function and its properties. It's possible to edit the description of a record and move and delete it anytime. Searching for duplicates is an easy job since the app formats all catalogs to a suitable data format, and then compares them. If you're using the default option (Name, size and date), every time a match is found, it analyzes the size and date as well. The tool lets you export the database in Microsoft Excel and Word, RTF, HTML, XML, DBF, CSV and PDF formats, and to a safe location on the computer. Conclusion To sum it up, SuperCat is a reliable and straightforward utility designed to provide an efficient method of organizing and handling data in distinct lists, as well as find duplicates and export the database in various types.







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► Supports MacOSX 10.6 or later. ► Supports and can be run on Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10. ► Runs on all systems and all Macs with Safari or Firefox. ► Compatible with all USB external hard disks or internal hard drives. ► Comes with a free 50-day trial, after which you can keep using it forever. ► App images can be downloaded via the Internet from an online server or via APK (if you have an Android device). 1.1 MB FileSize (1499) Total Downloads 0 Date Added Jun 12, 2018 Price Free File Types All File Types Platforms iOS, Windows iPhone Screenshot Reviews 4.7 10,300 4 Rating (400) 10,000+ ratings 5 stars (4) 4 stars (4) 3 stars (5) 2 stars (4) 1 stars (2) Avg. Customer Rating (12) Current Version Version 1.1 (2018-06-12) iPhone Screenshot SuperCat 2022 Crack iMac Screenshot Customer Reviews 1.3 out of 5 stars SuperCat Cracked 2022 Latest Version works but has too few options. April 18, 2018byYuya SuperCat Download With Full Crack works but it has some bugs. For example, the options do not display correctly on some devices, but show OK on my MacBook. Some say that SuperCat Crack Keygen is suitable for beginners, but I would not agree with this claim. There are too few options on the app in the product. In addition, it needs a more detailed and user-friendly interface. July 31, 2016byRizzo Good Brilliant August 23, 2014byFlyeye I’ve been using it as a backup of my iTunes library for a few years now. It’s fast to check out a backup location, easy to use and has a bunch of useful features that I don’t see elsewhere. May 27, 2014byTestUser I’ve been using SuperCat Crack Keygen for about two years. I have a MacBook and an external hard drive (usb). SuperCat allows me to backup

SuperCat [Win/Mac]

# Find and organize files and folders # Bulk zip or unzip # Find duplicates # Export to Excel or Word, HTML, XML, RTF, DBF, CSV, PDF or ZIP file # Browse existing catalogs, create new ones and bookmark folders # Completely self-sufficient: no need for additional tools # Search by name, size, date, type and checksum # Advanced options and filters # Multiple search results in one window # Admin control panel with file permissions and hosting # Auto updates of library lists SuperCat Product Key Features: # All tools in one self-sufficient package # FTS search (Full Text Search) # Multi-user accounts, see your catalogs and statistics at the admin area # Supports proxy networks and can be accessed in the off-line mode # Supports folders of all types (UPX, ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR, TAR, AVI, OGG, GIF, JPG, PNG, APM) # Export to Excel, Word, HTML, XML, RTF, DBF, CSV, PDF, ZIP or ZIP file # Bookmarks of directories # Native Windows OSX, Linux and Mac OSX client binaries # 32 and 64 bit # No installation required What’s New in Version 2.0.0 Improvements: * Folders can be shared among users. * Available in 16 languages and more. * Export to HTML and RTF is now even faster. * New language support for Ukrainian and Russian. * Various bug fixes. You can try the free version in 30 days trial. SuperCat is an application designed to find files and folders and organize them in a catalog or a folder on the computer. It comes packed with all the features you need to retrieve files from different sources, organize them in categories, calculate checksums, zip/unzip options, export data in.HTML,.XML,.RTF,.CSV,.DOC and.PDF formats. Some of the offered options include: * Drag-and-drop files from SuperCat to other apps. * Bulk zip or unzip of files and folders. * Find duplicates. * Browse existing catalogs. * Edit item names and description. * Import from the results window. * Create new catalogs and folders. * Search options such as case-insensitive, extensive search and filters b7e8fdf5c8

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—————————– SuperCat is a program designed to catalog all files and folders. It does not need any installation or software setup. It can automatically update the lists every time a new folder is added. The program will not cause any harm to the system and can be used in both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems. The user interface of the program is simple and organized. It is very easy to find and use the program for organizing and cataloging files and folders. Starting the program, it is easy to add catalogs, edit and delete files and folders. The program also allows the user to archive files in zip format. SuperCat Reviews: —————————————– The program has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use. It is one of the most comprehensive and simple programs for organizing files. It can be used as a backup solution for users. It updates automatically when a new file or folder is added to your computer. It can be used with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows operating systems. Technical Details: ——————— SuperCat is a lightweight program that does not consume too much of your system resources. It updates its database every time a new folder is added to the system. It does not need any installation or setup. It can automatically update the lists every time a new folder is added to your computer. It lets you add catalogs to be used as backup or archive solutions. It can find duplicated files and help you export the database in multiple file formats, including the most popular ones like Microsoft Excel, Word, RTF, HTML, XML, DBF, CSV, and PDF. Also, it can export data into safe locations on your system. SuperCat Requirements: —————————– SuperCat is designed to be compatible with Windows XP. It can be used with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows operating systems. It can be used with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows operating systems. System Requirements: ——————— It can be used with any version of Windows operating systems. It can be used with any version of Windows operating systems. It is a lightweight program. Technical Support: ——————– If you have any issues, you can visit the official website of the program. It is reliable and a comprehensive application that can be used to organize files. It also helps to find duplicates

What’s New In SuperCat?

✔ Scan entire hard drive, or any directory ✔ Built-in zip function ✔ Create, edit, organize and compare various types of files on your hard drive ✔ Check for duplicate files ✔ Export results as csv, xml, pdf, rtf, word, html and ms excel As an add-on program, SuperCat can be configured to run in the background and turn on when you boot your computer. With just a few clicks, you can add a new catalog, open or manipulate it, and then unload it. SuperCat supports two catalogs so you can compare two different lists at the same time. You can organize each catalog into any subdirectory, and name each one with any useful description. Features: ▸ Scan & catalog entire hard drive, or any directory▸ Built-in zip function▸ Create, edit, organize and compare various types of files on your hard drive▸ Check for duplicate files▸ Export results as csv, xml, pdf, rtf, word, html and ms excel▸ Configurable to run in the background and turn on when you boot your computer ** Absolutely no need to mess up with the registry or lose any data** Who says you need to waste time looking through hundreds of fragmented and hard to find registry entries in the Registry Editor? We did. However, when you only need to care about a few settings, such as applications to open specific directories, it can be much quicker to use regedit.exe. Unfortunately, regedit comes with a big drawback – it can cause some serious troubles if it’s not backed up. But, some people are okay with losing a few data, as long as they get the job done. Therefore, we’ve created a short tool called “DataLoss” that helps you not lose any of your favorite settings. It generates a backup of your entire registry key at once, copying them to a specified location in your computer. You can select whether to overwrite the original registry, or create a new one (default option). It works fast and takes just a few seconds to restore even a large list. Just configure the configuration settings below: Configuration Settings: ▸ Source location – Choose where to backup the database ▸ Destination – Select a proper location to store the backup file ▸ Overwrite – Choose whether to backup the actual registry or just the value ▸ Run on startup – Turn on the automatic backup option If you have any

System Requirements:

Windows Mac Linux Minimum: OS: Microsoft Windows 7, Mac OSX 10.7 or Ubuntu Linux with OpenGL 2.0 drivers CPU: Intel i5-4570, AMD Phenom II X4 955, 3.1 GHz or better RAM: 8 GB RAM Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 drivers DirectX: Version 9.0c Disk Space: Free space 5.5 GB Minimum:OS: Microsoft Windows 7, Mac OSX 10.7 or Ubuntu Linux with


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