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Computers are used for storing all sort of information, but it's always a good idea to organize data in an intuitive way so you can access it easier. Fortunately, there are many applications that could help you with just that.
One of them is Synapse. It's a neat software solution that allows you to create and store documents, while browsing on the Internet.
Simple and intuitive graphical interface
The application installs quickly and it sports a really neat and intuitive graphical interface with multiple features at hand. It has lots of customization options that you could use in order to make changes to the program.
You can change the default font style and size, pick a color and adjust the default background color. It allows you to set some startup rules, you can open a new file or launch the startup web page.
Create documents and browse the Internet
The program allows you to work on multiple documents at the same time, using tabs at the top of the window. You can organize your documents using the tree view, simply open them easier and adjust some options.
You can alphabetize sub-items, change icons, import documents from your computer and rename files easily. It comes with lots of text formatting tools that you can use on your notes. It has a built-in browser that lets you go online and browse the Internet easily. You can set a home page and create a list of favorites.
Additional tools and features
It comes with shortcuts to some of the most useful applications on your system, including the Calculator, Paint and Explorer. You can also check out the map with special characters and use them in your documents.
It allows you to create special keyboard shortcuts to features in the application and you can save and print documents easily. All in all, Synapse is a very useful application for creating documents, browsing the Internet and saving your notes.







Synapse Crack + Registration Code [April-2022]

Synapse Crack is a great tool for creating and using documents. These documents could be used for notes, personal files, drafts or any other project. The application has a very clean and intuitive user interface.
★ Create different types of documents.
★ Organize your documents in folders.
★ Use color pickers and set background colors.
★ Save files as HTML pages or use PDF format.
★ Use GIF, JPEG, PNG and BMP files.
★ Create a start page for your browser.
★ Supports multiple tabs.
★ Import documents from other applications and save as HTML.
★ Write notes and include special characters.
★ Set home page and list of favorites.
★ Import a bookmarks file.
★ Built-in browser for online browsing.
★ Created with Mac OS X Lion.
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Synapse: The Best Document Creation Tool on Mac
Synapse User Reviews:
There are no reviews of Synapse yet.

Great features
Synapse is a good solution for all users who need to make simple and fast notes or create work-related documentations. The program comes with lots of features that help you organize and ease your notes easily.
Create and save documents in



MS Word format

PDF format

RTF format


Google Docs

Sync with your device

Safari Bookmarks

Explorer Shortcuts

Call any phone numbers

Use special characters

Import Docs from other apps

Make changes to documents

Search and sort your documents

Use color pickers

Import documents from your local machine or Dropbox

Compatible with Mac OS X Lion

Supports multiple tabs

Create a home page in your browser

Use shortcuts

Built-in browser for online browsing

Import a bookmarks file

Create fonts, color schemes and layouts

Built-in calculator

Shortcuts for calculator

Use different tools to format text

Find any image on the web

Save images to you desktop

Import Docs from other apps

Synapse Crack+

Synapse Crack Keygen is a web-based application that allows you to create and manage notes. It includes a browser that lets you go online and browse the Internet.
Synapse Crack Screenshot:

Calendar is a nice calendar organizer that allows you to view and manage appointments. When you install the application it will prompt you to log in with your Microsoft account and adds all of your calendars to the application.
Intuitive interface
When you open Calendar it asks you to create a new Microsoft Account. Once you enter your account credentials it will prompt you to add your calendars. The layout is very intuitive and when it’s time to add an appointment, for example, you can simply click on the calendar to add an event. It shows you all the information about the event such as the time and place and you could edit it using a convenient graphical interface.
Organize your appointments
It’s nice to be able to add new events and it’s a breeze to review them and you can also review all of your calendars. In addition, you can create separate view of all your activities by day, week, month, year, or all time. When it comes to add a new event you could simply enter the title and provide information about the time and date. You could also select the location and there are a few options for displaying the information. You could choose if you want a more traditional or modern layout. It would be nice to have a sorting options, but there isn’t one available.
Share your data
The application can sync all your calendars with other Microsoft products such as Outlook. You can easily share documents and more via email, calendar or a group chat and you can set any level of access to give the person access to your data.
Additional tools
Calendar comes with a few interesting tools for importing and exporting your information. It comes with a spreadsheet export and you can make color and font changes in your documents. There’s also a search field for entering specific details. It has a few helpful widgets to help you organize data better. Calendar has some interesting options that can help you make your data more interesting.
Additional features
Calendar is a nice application for managing your appointments. It allows you to check your calendars and manage your data. It helps you save time when it comes to managing your appointments. It also makes it easy to access your files from anywhere you go.
Calendar Screenshot:

Streaming is a web-based application that allows you to watch movies on-

Synapse [Win/Mac]

Synapse is an offline document editor and offline web browser. It also allows you to import files from your computer. The program is based on the open source code.
Synapse Features:

Offline web browser: load pages from anywhere without Internet connection
Offline documents editor: create HTML, RTF and MS Word documents
Offline mail client: send e-mail without using the Internet
Search engine: find images, text, documents, Wikipedia and other information
Document organizer: create documents, sort notes, and create bookmarks
Clipboard manager: copy files, URLs, passwords, text and HTML code
Pocket manager: save files in the Internet's Pocket, Readability, Instapaper, and uget
Task manager: set rules to launch or not applications at startup
Themes: customize look and feel of the program with the help of Themes
Import: imports files from your computer
Sharing: send documents, pictures, web pages and chats to your friends

Download Synapse for free:

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After extracting the zip file, double-click the “Synapse.exe” file and press the “Add” button, which you can see at the bottom of the window.

Use the “Add” button at the bottom of the window to add the Synapse.Desktop folder you extracted above. To do that, just click “OK”.

Repeat the process for the “config.xml” file you extracted above, and add it as well. To do that, click “Add” and then browse the location where you have saved the file.

Start Synapse. You can now find the Synapse.exe file on the left of the

What’s New In?

SYNAPSE is a comprehensive note organizer.
It allows you to create any number of notes. You can organize your notes into folders, group them together in sections and create any number of sections, groups and folders.
It allows you to:
* Store notes on your computer or on the Internet.
* Open files and save them in special folders.
* Sort notes in different ways.
* Export notes into text or HTML files.
* Display notes on a blank new page.
* Search notes in a tree or alphabetically.
* Add comments to notes.
* Add notes to notes or sections.
* Add notes to groups of notes or sections.
* Create templates for notes and export them into other applications.
* Import/export notes into text or HTML files.
* Open notes in a web browser.
* Built-in web browser.
* Built-in map of UNICODE characters.
* Link to the Internet.
* Import and export notes from your computer.
* Browse notes in text mode or HTML mode.
* Change the text size.
* Sort notes.
* Sort notes and groups of notes in different ways.
* Sort notes in sections or groups.
* Add new sections or notes.
* Add new notes to a group or a section.
* Group notes into a section.
* Convert notes to a list of HTML.
* Save notes into text or HTML files.
* Display and print notes or groups of notes.
* Export notes into text or HTML files.
* Add notes to an existing section.
* Add notes to an existing folder.
* Import notes or groups of notes from the Internet.
* Import notes from file folders.
* Export notes into a text or HTML file.
* Export notes to file folders.
* Export notes to a zip archive.
* Export notes to the clipboard.
* Export notes to a text or HTML file.
* Import notes into another application.
* Print notes or groups of notes.
* Remove notes from all sections.
* Remove notes from sections.
* Undo and redo notes.
* Adjust notes appearance.
* Adjust notes and groups of notes appearance.
* Change the text size.
* Change the font style and font size.
* Change the background color.
* Remove special characters from a note.
* Sort notes in sections or alphabetically.
* Sort

System Requirements For Synapse:

Windows XP SP3 (32bit/64bit); Mac OS X 10.6.5 (10.6.7) or later (32bit/64bit); Linux 64bit
OS: Windows XP SP3 (32bit/64bit); Mac OS X 10.6.5 (10.6.7) or later (32bit/64bit); Linux 64bit
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or better; 2.3Ghz
Memory: 1G RAM
Graphics: Intel GMA X4500 or ATI X


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