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Improves network security  The enterprise use of remote desktop (VNC, Citrix, Remote Desktop) is generally accepted as a very handy tool that can help make your network more secure. This type of software often comes with a limitation such as providing access to a computer connected to a restricted network or Internet domain, which has been set for the remote session. The NetEventMonitor application is also a handy tool that allows you to monitor TCP connections and reports all open socket connections to a host. Here, NetEventMonitor provides a different feature, as it displays information about each connection: the remote IP address, port, session details and statistics. There is an option to log failed socket connections from a software to a target server that offers no response. As all TCP connections are logged by NetEventMonitor (even if they were successfully responded), the cause of failed TCP connections are immediately identified. This can help you to understand the cause of a failed connection. Why NetEventMonitor is better?  As remote desktop programs are generally targeted at a broader range of users, they do not display all useful information about each connection (for example the remote IP address). That is why NetEventMonitor provides details on each established connection and offers statistics on them. In addition, NetEventMonitor can report failed connections. NetEventMonitor main window  Small basic window with the following information for each connection: IP address, port, session details and statistics. Scroll bar at the right side of the window, to browse the table. Each entry can be selected, copied to the clipboard or exported to file. Close failed connections easily  The program can log failed socket connections from a software to a target server that offers no response. Test TCP connections  You can access inactive remote desktop IP addresses to test connection. To do so, you need to have any VNC, Citrix or Remote Desktop software installed on the target computer. The Network Monitor application provides a handy tool that allows you to monitor TCP connections and generates reports of all open socket connections to a host. Here, the program can monitor: All open TCP socket connections to a remote computer Each open socket connection to a host (including failed ones) The list of open TCP connections can be quickly sorted by client IP, port, session details or a specific host. The target computer is easy to configure for remote users, as it requires no installation. Just visit the remote 2f7fe94e24

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========== The purpose of the TCPConnectProblemView application is to help you actively monitor TCP connections on your computer and let you know when the target server is not responding. In other words, it can be used to diagnose TCP connections on the host computer. All details displayed in an organized table  There is no need to install TCPConnectProblemView, as the application is ready for use as soon as you double-click on the executable file. The main window comprises a simple table with several fields that are gradually populated as soon as a new failed TCP connection is detected. Any new entry displays the name of the process and its ID, along with the date and time it was detected, the local IP address and the port number, along with details about the remote server: its IP address, port number and the host. You can choose which columns to show and which to hide. There are a few additional viewing options to help you quickly read a table with many entries. Grid lines can be shown or hidden and rows can be easily marked, which is quite useful in a large table. Close failed connections easily  TCPConnectProblemView logs failed TCP connections from a software to a target server that offers no response, but it also enables you to close any opened TCP socket that received no answer from the server. There is an option to close all the connections automatically. Selected items can be easily selected, copied to clipboard or exported to file. Moreover, you can generate HTML reports either for a selection of items or the entire list. Test TCP connections  TCPConnectProblemView is a handy tool that allows you to test TCP connections on your computer. To test it, you can access an inactive IP address from a web browser. Failing to receive a response from the server results in new entries in the main window of the application. What is new in this release: ========================== Support for UTF-8 encoding. What is new in this version: ========================== 2.0.36 – The project URL has changed. – The Host list can now be sorted. – Installation guide has been revised. – Display of more detailed information on an failed connection. – Support for UTF-8 encoding. – Fix crash when the server is unavailable. – Problem can be selected as “Aborted”. – Other small fixes. 2.0.35 – Corrected some minor issues in source code.

What’s New In TCPConnectProblemView?

TCPConnectProblemView is a useful tool that helps you track and monitor active TCP connections. Any problems you may come across with such connections can be easily diagnosed by this software. By watching the application, you will be able to get a full picture of the status of TCP connections that are actively running on your system. This software will show you all active and failed TCP connections. By selecting a target IP address, you will be able to actively monitor specific TCP connections. You can easily monitor a large number of connections by selecting a set of columns to show or hide. You will be able to examine how often TCP connections are opened and closed. You will be able to export all the data to a file and print it, all using only a few clicks. TCPConnectProblemView is a tool that is especially useful for troubleshooting TCP connections problems and to view a full picture of active TCP connections. Through this application, you can get a clear overview of your current TCP connections. Here is a guide to using this tool: Features of TcpConnectProblemView: – The software is a simple table viewer, showing the target server name, port number and IP address – Users can easily select multiple items and get a custom report – Users can export all data to a file and print it – TcpConnectProblemView is fully functional and portable – Users can get help and manual through a built-in help file If you have any questions or comments regarding this application, please contact us at The history of TCPConnectProblemView ================================== Version 1.0: —————————————————————————— – A first view of what the TCPConnectProblemView application does – TcpConnectProblemView is written in C# Version 1.1: —————————————————————————— – Some extra features have been added – Some issues have been fixed – Some other improvements and bug fixes have been made Version 1.2: —————————————————————————— – Added some new features to the program – Added a few new features – Some issues have been fixed – Some other improvements and bug fixes have been made Version 1.3: —————————————————————————— – Added a new feature – “Connects silently” option which can help you identify when the target server is not responding at

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OS: Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista Processor: Intel® Core™ i5 or equivalent RAM: 8 GB Storage: 20 GB Graphics: DirectX 11 HDD: 35 GB Sound Card: DirectX 11-compatible (via headphones or speakers) Controller Type: Gamepad Other: Keyboard Also: Read More NO. 07-04-0488-CR IN THE COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE SE


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