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Tele-Prompt LE is an interesting teleprompter or auto cue application .
As its name suggests, this is a limited edition version with some restrictions on the number of features available compared to the Standard edition.
However, It is fully functional in all respects, except that the interface cannot be customised, it will only operate in the default layout and screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, the length of the script available for scrolling is limited and the total recording time of the built in audio recorder is also restricted to 30 seconds.
However this is quite sufficient to produce short audio and video introductions or presentations, 30 second “shorts” not to mention “infomercials” or commercials etc. where 30 seconds is regarded as a long time! It will therefore give you a unique opportunity to experience for yourself the dramatic improvements that are possible by using Tele-Prompt in your audio and video productions.
And once you have seen those improvements we are sure you will want to upgrade to the full Standard Edition. An upgrade facility is therefore built into the software.


Download ………

Download ………






Tele-Prompt LE [Mac/Win]

1. Tele-Prompt LE is a truly professional teleprompter that provides a truly professional finished presentation for audio/video productions whether short, long or broadcast quality and for that reason in this way ensures that there is always a professional and confident audio/video performance.
2. Tele-Prompt LE is a specialised and highly successful product that has been used by many top broadcasting and radio/tv stations, by professional audio/video artists and for that reason it has a strong customer base who would wish for it to improve as new features are added and the current shortcomings fixed in time.
3. Tele-Prompt LE is packed with many professional features that have not been found in other leading teleprompter products.
4. Tele-Prompt LE is a great tool for creating short audio and video presentations for:
5. Tele-Prompt LE supports the latest versions of Adobe Flash Player for Windows, and as well as the audio files created with it are also compatible with the Mac and other versions of Flash Player.
6. Tele-Prompt LE is also compatible with Windows, Mac and other versions of Flash Player where it can be downloaded from and installed without the need for separate drivers.
7. The software is now freely downloadable from for $79.95.
8. The software can be downloaded and purchased as a 14 day trial version from which allows you to experience the many features for 30 days.
9. Tele-Prompt LE v4.12.1 is for a special price of $69.95 and is available direct from the creators and distributors
10. Telephone support is provided in real time, by email and on the tele-prompter support page.
11. Tele-Prompt LE is compatible with Windows, Mac and other versions of Flash Player where it can be downloaded from and installed without the need for separate drivers.
12. Tele-Prompt LE supports the latest versions of Adobe Flash Player for Windows, and as well as the audio files created with it are also compatible with the Mac and other versions of Flash Player.
13. Tele-Prompt LE is also compatible with Windows, Mac and other versions of Flash Player where it can be downloaded from and installed without the need for separate drivers.
14. The software is now freely downloadable from www.

Tele-Prompt LE Crack + Latest

Installation : 1. Copy the zip file to your computer, unzip the download and then double click on the “Teleprompt_LE.exe” file to install the software. 2. The software will be installed in a folder called “Downloads”.

First impressions:
Once installed, Tele-Prompt looks like a full version teleprompter with all of its original features.
As mentioned already, the interface cannot be modified and features are very limited compared to a full version. It does however work well, the Tele-Prompt interface is very well laid out, unlike the other “limited version” teleprompter that I have worked with recently which has been very awkward to use.
There is a table of contents menu at the top of the screen and it contains four tabs; Scripts, Upload, Info and Options (as shown in the photo).

Table of Contents

The Scripts tab contains a list of script files where you can add audio or video files that will be played when the name of the file is highlighted. You can also add images.
In addition to the script files listed in the TOC, Teleprompt LE will automatically create a number of “Save as” fields, one for each of the main output files (a PDF and a couple of different MP3 files) that you can produce. This is a great feature, once you have saved a script, you can make a print, a copy and then save the script (as an audio file) as a wav file. Then the next time you want to use the same “save” feature, you can save this as an MP3.
There are also a number of Script folders that contain all of the scripts within a folder.

Once you have started a script on the Scripts tab, you are free to move to the next tab and change any settings that you need to make until you are happy with the setup of the script.

One of the neat features that Teleprompt LE includes is the ability to save the audio recording that the built in audio recorder produces. This is quite unique in that you have a choice of audio track that can be played back, it also has the option to separate the audio and video separately and you can even use the camera records as an output to play back. This is very helpful if you are creating a “presentation” and some of the segments in the presentation are audio

Tele-Prompt LE With License Key Free [Win/Mac]

It has many features similar to the Standard edition however it has some more features that you may wish to take advantage of.
These are:
1. Off-Screen Tele-Prompting
2. Customisable Menu
3. Customisable Toolbars
4. Customisable Screen Size & Position
5. Built-In Audio Recorder
6. Audio Track Selection
7. On-Screen Audio Cueing
8. Audio Cue Area
9. Track Editor
10. Customisable Match Sound and Video
11. Built-in Audio Bitrate
12. Built-in Audio Speaker Identification
13. Built-in Audio Loopback
14. Built-In Audio Cueing
15. Built-In Video Player
16. Customisable Screen Size & Position
17. Customisable Menu
18. Customisable Toolbar
19. Customisable Background
20. Customisable Screen Saver
21. Customisable Screen Lock
22. Manual Cueing
23. Off-Screen Audio Cueing
24. Match Sound & Video
25. Visualizer Displaying
Now for some more details on each of these features:
1. Off-Screen Tele-Prompting
This feature is very useful if you want to preview your script without having to have a connected monitor or be limited to using a display that is only 1024 x 768 pixels. Just connect a laptop or netbook to the computer using the supplied cable. Then simply use the software without having to connect the monitor or see the screen.
The actual Tele-Prompting can be done off-screen on the laptop display using the internal camera connection.
This can be a great help if you are in a hurry and need to quickly prepare your presentation. However if you are working with other project files at the same time you will need to close them down and disconnect from the net and your machine before you can use this feature.
You can synchronise the time and date displayed on the laptop with that of the teleprompter.
Once connected the Tele-Prompt LE software will operate automatically and present you with the last 10 seconds of the script currently being displayed.
There is also an option to stay connected to the teleprompter and have the “Off-Screen Tele-Prompt” automatically take your eyes off the laptop screen for a few moments and return them on the teleprompter when you want it to so that you are ready to make your next comment or question. If you don’t want

What’s New In?

● Now you can access video and audio files of unlimited length, available from your Media Library.
● The available length of audio and video clips can be modified, or stretched to a higher or lower number of seconds as needed.
● New built-in auto cue
● Run out of time recording after 30 seconds
● Full screen appearance
● Read out text by means of the large, easy to read display screen
● Customize input pad by accessing Edit Menu
● Record high quality audio files
● Save by saving the recording in WAV or MP3 format
● Save the recording to the Media Library
● Flexible file format
● Record and save audio files
● Easy to use interface
● A powerful media recorder that allows you to directly access files on your computer in unlimited length of time.
● Free installation and no registration required.
● Windows 98 SE/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003, Vista
● Multi Media Player (Microsoft PlaysForSure)

User reviews

User reviews from our dedicated servers


12 Aug 2011

Great Program

I really like the program because:

1.The size of the program is relatively small.
2.Easy to use.
3.You don’t need to install any codec for your mp3 file.
4.The interface is nice too.
5.It’s a great program because you can play multiple mp3 files in an auto cue mode.
6.It’s a unique software.
7.It’s the best software in its category.


1.You don’t need any codecs or other softwares to run the program.
2.It’s useful to people who like to make a book of phone scripts.
3.You can see the interface in detail and you can edit audio and video clips.


1.The key is not so intuitive. Sometimes you have to change the key.
2.You can’t use it to edit audio or video clips.


31 Jul 2011

The Best Media Clips Creator

This program is one of the best media clips creation software.
Let me start by saying i’ve used this and others programs and this is by far the best. I have used it for the past 2 years and at work for various production projects.
This is one of the programs i can’t live without and

System Requirements For Tele-Prompt LE:

Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7 64 bit
Processor: Intel Core i3 2.0GHz or faster
Memory: 2GB or more
Graphics: DirectX9-compatible graphics card with Shader Model 3.0 support, 256MB or more video RAM
Storage: 2GB available space
Additional Notes:
(2) Windows XP x86/x64 edition is supported; Windows Vista and later editions are not.
(3) For the 360° demo, you need the GamePad controller that’s included


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