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You can display real-time images, grids, surface data, and upper atmosphere data with McIDAS-X. This allows you to receive data from the satellite on the transponder in real time and manage them using McIDasi software (ISSVP-XRT-2) (MPI-XT-1).
McID Express
Predecessor of Multi-band RaytracerTM
CTC Corp. announced that Earth pollution data and RTK data are needed to prepare the best launch vehicles for delivering spacecraft into space and over long distances, including missions such as the commercial launch of Ariane 5 into space, the launch of spacecraft into Earth orbit and flybys man in space.
CTC announced the development of a Multi–band Ray Tracer to support its new Arianespace ESA development missions such as the NASA and ESA LLA “Cassini” satellite.The Multi-Band Raytracker allows satellite operators to track particulate matter and nitric oxide (NOx) in the Earth’s atmosphere both during missions and during inactive satellite environments.




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