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Twitulater is an Adobe AIR microblogging client that currently supports Twitter and Koornk. Its aim is to make life easier for power users who are constantly bombarded by messages from the many people they follow, through automatically splitting the tweet stream into different categories based on content rather than whom the messages are from.
Give Twitulater a try to fully assess its capabilities!







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Check out AppCraver’s complete coverage of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona below, including an overview of what went down and what’s to come.

–A brief report from Friday: Journalists and mobile device lovers from around the world descended upon the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, in the hopes of obtaining a sneak peek at the latest phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Like any other conference, the buzz around MWC was only likely to grow louder, which meant that we’ve taken the opportunity to gather all of our coverage into one convenient post.

We’ll be providing updates over the coming weeks, and reporting back soon. In the meantime, go ahead and start browsing the site, and perhaps marvel at the renderings we posted above.

–I have to admit, I was pretty excited to read yesterday’s New York Times report that Google has changed course in terms of Android: you can now download apps outside of the Market, and there will no longer be a “play” button on your phone’s main screen. It’s not a surprise for a few reasons:

Google’s last free phone, the Nexus One, flopped pretty badly (though it was a big step forward with the Android platform), and its success is mostly due to the fact that it’s a high-priced device, and not many people want to buy it. The phones Google is releasing are largely designed for basic, everyday users, which we think is a smart move. But we do have some quibbles with the news.

First, what do the Google phones and Android phones have in common? Well, they’re all based off of a free version of Android. So if you buy a Google phone, you’re not actually going to get any more features than what you’ll get on a Nexus S, except for the price point. One of the best things about a phone, after all, is the apps and content that are available for it. Why would you buy a phone that restricts you from downloading apps and other content from the Android Market?

So yes, Google is lowering the bar for consumers — but we’re not sure it makes all that much sense in terms of where the industry is going. It’s one thing to have only a few powerful manufacturers making phones — we’ve had that for years now — but with the growth of the mobile phone industry, it’s important to consider the fact that the vast majority of phones are being made in China for a cheap price. The fact that

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Twitulater Torrent Download is a free microblogging client that runs in the Adobe AIR platform. It allows you to read messages posted to Twitter and to view a timeline of all the messages you have received.
Key features:
– Follow Twitter users
– View message highlights
– Mark specific messages as read
– View message and user details
– Send private messages
– View all your friends in one list
– View other people’s recent mentions
– Search by user
– View tweet lists
– Autoreply to messages
– Favourite people/tweets
Twitulater Review:
Built with the Adobe AIR platform, Twitulater is an easy to use, integrated microblogging client.
The familiar interface for both new and old users allows you to jump right in with a few clicks. From here, you can follow, unfollow, send, read messages, set your own account information, and view multiple Twitter timelines all in one window.
You can even send private messages directly from the application. You can also connect to Facebook, Flickr,, Blogger, TypePad, LiveJournal, Plurk and FaceBook Connect.
You can see what people are doing all around the world with their tweets in one location, but it’s not just a simple message viewer. You can view all the messages you have read that contain a link to a web page, as well as view which links are popular and which are no longer active.
You can even add users to an ‘inbox’ and download their profile information, pictures and all the tweets they’ve sent. The application can even offer suggestions of who to follow, based on the tweets you have already viewed.
Twitulater uses the API to check the Twitter users and message stream for available users and recent statuses. Whenever the application detects a new user, it checks Twitter’s API documentation to see if the user is in its database of known users.
Twitulater contains powerful search functionality, which you can use to find the users you follow. You can also search for messages within any timeline, feed, friends, mentions or tags.
Twitulater is free and can be downloaded from Adobe’s website.

DayTrip is a free travel planning application that helps you to manage your time and money. It allows you to quickly plan your day to the nearest location, see your location in Google Maps, Google Earth and Street View, change or add

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Get to know people better by diving into their Twitters by categorizing their tweets. You can use the ‘Details’ box to browse through the text from any tweet to find out more, just the way you would on the regular Twitter site.
Twitter Example:
Just as tweets are very personal to the people sending them, you can get a glimpse into the mind of whoever you follow and find out about their day, friends, trips, favorite bands, etc, much more.
Learn more about the people you follow by clicking into their profiles and get involved in their tweets.
The Features:
* Add your own people
* Create and save ‘categories’ in which your people’s tweets are placed (e.g. tech, current, favorite bands).
* Filter out tweets from people you don’t follow
* View a summary of the person’s public information (such as twitter name, location, birthday, etc)
* Browse through a tweet and see its full content, the person’s profile and add to twitter
* Offline mode, when Twitulater is turned off it will go in a sort of’sleep’ mode, which means that it will not attempt to poll twitter (if the internet connection fails), you may need to restart it to see new tweets
* Send a tweet to a category
* Like a twitter page
* Add people to an existing category
* Create a new Twitter account
* Ask the server for the language you use for your tweets (English, Spanish, Greek, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish)
* Create a tweet that contains an HTML link (e.g. My website)
* Add HTML tags (mainly to change the style of the tweet)
* Filter out tweets that contains hashtags
* Filter out tweets that contains a given user name
* Configure the server settings (where your twitter account is, username, password, etc)
* Configure the server to use SSL (https)
* Create a ‘twitter poll’
* Tweet in Japanese
* Send a tweet to only your people (you must be friends with them and have a mutual follow/unfollow relationship with each other)
* Send a tweet to only people you follow (must be friends with and have mutual follow/unfollow relationship with each other)
* Config

What’s New In Twitulater?

Twitulater is a full-featured microblogging client that helps you navigate your Twitter stream by categorizing tweets into different topics. Our aim is to help you find the news and information you are looking for, or to quickly “follow” the people you are interested in (your “followees”).
Twitulater Features:
1. Supports all mainstream Twitter platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone and Android.
2. 5 different home pages: Home page, Stream page, Favorites page, Tweets page, Popular page (Only Android)
3. Multiple Tweets views (Carousel, Folders and Home).
4. Tweets text preview on the screen.
5. Favorites and Other people list.
6. Add, edit and remove content from Favorites.
7. Read the Tweets directly from the Home page as well as on the Stream page.
8. Home page is pre-loaded with all the best Tweets that happened over the past few days.
9. 5+ collection of categories.
10. Scrub your home page and instantly see the categories you are interested in.
11. Different widgets, such as favorites list, profile picture, stats, etc.
Twitulater was originally designed by Yang Jie and is now developed by a team of top designers and developers.
Adobe AIR. This software is made available as is and may have occasional updates and or bug fixes. The user assumes all risks of use. Use of this software is at the user’s own risk.
Twitulater Privacy Policy. This software provides access to your data as described in this privacy policy. Your use of this software is subject to the terms of this policy and by using this software you are agreeing to be bound by this policy.
Like Twitter? You should try Twitulater!

User Reviews for Twitulater

January 21, 2014 by AdityaB

Twitulater is one of the best microblogging tools available out there. In my opinion Twitulater is better than any other microblogging tool available out there. The few issues I had with Twitulater were easily resolved within a few minutes.

January 21, 2014 by Nathan

Twitulater is excellent. It has a great interface.

January 21, 2014 by lorinb

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System Requirements:

Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
Windows Vista with Service Pack 2
Dual Core Processor (2nd Gen)
1366×768 resolution
DirectX 9.0
DirectX 11 Gameplay Features:
Create your own arena and compete with friends for the best score, high scores, and place in the monthly top 5 rankings.
Every arena is completely customizable with different parts, decorations and playfield obstacles.
Adjust the game speed to your personal preference.
The two game modes are


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