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As a dictionary
As a machine translation software

Targeting for Dutch and English
First developed by the USC Technology, the next generation of the USC WordNet in order to offer better integration between lexical databases and machine translation tools.
By creating a translation engine, that works with a dictionary of words, VocDB can be used as a dictionary for search and replace program. It can also be used to provide machine translation which is highly customizable.
Installing it on your computer or server, VocDB offers you many features that were never before offered on a commercial software.
Using the format TCX, VocDB is extremely easy to set up and use. VocDB allows you to save dictionaries and search strings in the file system. The vocabulary may be loaded and unloaded. VocDB is a new plugin program, so that you can use it with the USC WORDNET dictionary server and translate it online using a web browser.
You can use it as a dictionary
As a machine translation software
VocDB dictionary module requires two types of input: A vocabulary and a lexicon.
The vocabulary is a list of words, all in one line. The words must be separated by commas and semicolons.
The lexicon is the translation of these words into your language. This is the directory where all translations are kept.
An example vocabulary file for English would look like this:
p.a. apples,applesauce
p.b. bananas,bananasauce
p.c. cherries,cherrypie
p.d. ducks,ducksauce

Also, you may have the vocabulary in the same form as the example for you can use the vocabulary as a dictionary in another language. The name of the vocabulary doesn’t matter.
Once you know the format of the vocabulary file, then you can create a lexicon (translations file) of the English words. Just take a dictionary like the one I showed above, then replace “English” by the name of your vocabulary (in this example it would be English) and “p.a.” by your corresponding vocabulary name. This is the translations list.
Now you need to open it with your word processor or favorite text editor and copy and paste the translations into it.
Now open the VocDB again with the word processor software and you have created your lexicon.
You can see the sample lexicon and vocabulary we created earlier

VocDB Product Key Full Download [Mac/Win] [March-2022]

VocDB is an advanced, ultra-fast text-to-word transl…

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VocDB Keygen Full Version Free Download

In [DATA]:
Keywords are stored in the vocabulary database, and translation key word (and
translation tag) is stored in a translation table or in a vocabulary tags table.
Examples of keywords and tags:
keywords: word, noun, verb, noun phrase, noun phrase with adjectives,
noun phrase with verbs, noun phrase with verbs and adjectives, adjective,
adverb, adverbial and prepositional phrase, auxiliary verb, adverbial and
prepositional phrase, adjective and adverbial and prepositional phrase,
nominalized and verbal phrase, prepositional phrase with verbs, prepositional
phrase with verbs and adjectives, adverbial and prepositional phrase with verbs,
prepositional phrase with verbs and adjectives, article and prepositional
phrase, nominals, verbal, verbal with adjectives and adverbials, nouns,
adjectives, adverbials, nouns with adjectives, adverbials, nouns with
adverbials, adverbials with adjectives, verb and verbals, verbs, verbs with
adjectives, verbs with adverbials, verbals with adjectives, adjectives,
adverbs, adverbs with adjectives and adverbs, adverbs with adjectives,
adverbs with verbs and adverbials, nouns with nouns, nouns with nouns and
adjectives, nouns with nouns and adverbials, nouns with nouns, nouns with
adjectives and adverbials, nouns with nouns and adverbs, nouns with nouns,
adjectives with adjectives and adverbs, adjectives with adjectives and
adverbs, adjectives with nouns and nouns, nouns with adjectives and nouns,
adjectives with nouns and nouns, nouns with adjectives and nouns, adjectives
with nouns and nouns, nouns with adjectives and nouns, adverbs with nouns and
nouns, adverbs with nouns and nouns, adverbs with adjectives and nouns,
adjectives with nouns and nouns, nouns with adjectives and nouns, adverbs with
nouns and nouns, adverbs with nouns and nouns, adverbs with adjectives and nouns,
adjectives with nouns and nouns, nouns with

What’s New in the?

VocDB is a software that can translate and store vocabulary and dictionary
of two different languages. VocDB is based on XML format. VocDB
currently supports several databases (SQL/MYSQL, SQL/SQLServer and
Databases/SAP DB)

WorldEngine now supports direct mapping of English words to Chinese
characters. This is new in 2.3 release:

The Chinese character mappings have been greatly improved. VocDB now
supports both Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters. If the
English word contains two sets of these characters, the dictionary
translation will be displayed as:

I’ve just finished translating a dicinto XML file and have uploaded the
result to Github. The dic is called Arcute.xml. It is the dictionary
for European languages:

Also, I recently just finished translating Turkish dictionaries (
into English, which is stored in my newly created Github. Have a look.

one question, is there a more complete vocabulary of Russian? I tried
to use vocdb with a Russian base and each time when I add a new word
into database I’ve got an error from vocdb about the word structure
doesn’t match my database

It seems that I can’t get vocdb to work with my own vocabulary.
It doesn’t do anything when I load the vocDB file. Does anyone else
have a vocDB file, and can they get vocdb to work with it?

When I try to run vocdb with a russian database, I get an error
“File ‘sanskrit_words.txt’, line 935, character 73:
You must create an English word (or dictionary) mapping for this

This VocDB has much more than 26.000 words and it is produced by
Sanskrit students of Rio Grande do Sul State University who are
studying Sanskrit language. They released such a vocDB to help people
who want to learn Sanskrit language and this vocDB can be useful to
those who want to learn Sanskrit because our dictionaries are based in
different languages and there are some words that are common in these
languages which represent different meanings for the same word
according to them. These words can


System Requirements For VocDB:

Supported OS:
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.0 GHz
Version 9.0 or higher
DirectX compatible sound card, no speaker system required
512MB Graphics card with 256MB of dedicated video RAM or better
Hard Drive:
500 MB free hard



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