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There might be various reasons why you would search for ways to automatically reload a process in Windows. Whether the application is prone to crashes, or you need to kill and reconfigure a daemon without manually restarting it, Vov Stop Start can carry out this task for you.
Kill a process and restart it after a predefined time interval
In essence, Vov Stop Start is based on a very simple principle. It practically sends the "taskkill" signal to the target process and restarts it without user intervention. All these operations are performed periodically, once every a custom number of seconds (the default value is 600 seconds, meaning 10 minutes).
Another parameter you can change is the delay time. This interval, expressed in seconds as well, is, in fact, the time that passes between the moment when the process is killed, and the moment it is started again.
Single-window interface that stores the list of scheduled actions
The one-window interface of Vov Stop Start also comprises a list of all the start and stop process pairs that the application scheduled. Evidently, it is not mandatory to stop and start the same process, but that is the application's main purpose.
There are no other options to deal with, although experienced users might prefer having the possibility to use additional flags or kill a process by its PID, like in the command prompt.
Schedules process reloading upon request
Vov Stop Start is mainly aimed at background applications that require a periodical restart for whatever reason, be it to avoid a crash or to refresh the configuration. It does its job as promised and it is easy to use but, although it can come in handy to system administrators, the same can be obtained using Windows' Task Scheduler.


Download ★★★★★ https://urlin.us/2myb6e

Download ★★★★★ https://urlin.us/2myb6e






Vov Stop Start With Keygen



Reload the selected process

Every 600 sec (10 min)


Single-window interface that stores the list of scheduled actions


Vov Stop Start on GitHub:

Keep in mind that in order to use this tool, you need to start it as an Administrator.
To turn off scheduled tasks, simply press ctrl + shift + esc, then the “Open Task Scheduler”, and finally choose: “Task Scheduler Library”. Then press “Task Scheduler Library” and “Settings”. In “Task Scheduling” disable the task by unchecking the checkbox and pressing “Apply”.
As far as I can say, it’s not a Windows built-in tool. The application doesn’t require any installation. It simply runs in the system’s memory.
Edit 2:
If you want to use the program in a Windows 10 environment, this post might be of interest.

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Vov Stop Start Crack

The application works by handling the Windows Task Scheduler in the background to automatically restart the specified processes after a specified delay, every time it is shut down. Its properties are stored in the Registry.
It is convenient, user-friendly, easy to use and does not require any specific technical knowledge. It can also be used as a tool by system administrators to reload daemons without needing to restart the system.

Because of this, it is also the program that I used to modify the auto-start parameters of a particular application (the “starter” that I have created).
You can check it out right here.
The application I mentioned, “Starter” is no longer available, unfortunately. Here is the new version.


The program “PID Timer 2.0”
does just what you wanted to do. It starts and kills processes and restarts every x minutes, controlled by a custom script.


You may also want to look into scheduled tasks for windows.

It is a sort of a task scheduling and automating tool. If you really want to do this task, see the following code for windows 7:


Can’t create version in Visual Studio 2008

One of my colleagues in our company today asked me this:
“how can I create a version in visual studio when I press Ctrl+K+D it says No version is selected. I can’t even create a new project because nothing is selected on the list.”
The company he’s working for uses VS2008 on a XP Pro OS and I’m on XP Pro. I already asked him to try a full “re-install” of VS but he says it’s useless because it will happen again.
I was wondering whether there is a way to find and solve this problem. Thanks.


It seems like a compatibility issue to me… Are you sure you’re using the latest version from the visual studio website? Can you try forcing the.NET framework version to 2.0 and try again? Hope this helps.


Vov Stop Start Crack Registration Code Free

Provides a reliable method to restart your application or restart the system by making it to automatically restart another process at a specified interval. Can be used to perform system maintenance activities such as start/stop the operating system without user interaction.
It is a command line utility that works by sending the Windows KillProcess command to the target application. After a few seconds, it automatically restarts the process. The interval between kills can be set from 1 to 600 seconds.
You can kill processes using the KillProcess command or by sending the Taskkill command or the Pid command. For example, the following command would kill the process with the ID 901 and restart it after 10 minutes:
vovstopstart.exe -kill -interval=600 -run=true

The -kill parameter takes the PID as an argument and the -interval sets the time interval between the two executions of the command.
The -run parameter allows to restart a specific process instance.
Besides, the application lets you store the list of scheduled startup and shutdown pairs, so you can perform them later with a simple click of a button.

Vov Stop Start Features:

A single window interface:

The one-window interface of the application is, actually, the interface, which means that it can be used from a command line prompt without having to install any package or install an application like Task Scheduler. This makes Vov Stop Start to be a very user-friendly application.

The features are divided in three sections:


It is the application’s main section and comprises:

Menu Command Help

This shows information about how to use Vov Stop Start.

Help Command

It shows the help.


The Schedules section provides the following features:

The application let’s you restart processes in a predefined time interval using the schedules.

Schedules Process Reloading

It shows the list of all schedules that are registered in the application.

Schedules can be launched manually by clicking a button or they can be registered to run automatically in a predefined time interval.

When the application saves the schedules, it downloads information from Internet services.

If you download the schedules, you can try to launch them manually.

The schedules are divided into groups (offers) and these offer display the scheduled processes in two columns:

The offered process is displayed

What’s New In Vov Stop Start?

This is the most complete task scheduling software available today. It not only takes care of the simple but also of the sophisticated scheduling tasks.
It does its job at the most strategic moment: when you are on the phone or just about to reply to an email or to spend a few hours in front of your PC. It does not just start a process but also takes care of the termination of that task.
This powerful software is both a PC and network optimizer.
This powerful software automatically restarts applications on PC and network machines, rescues files from crashed applications, maintains server uptime, caches files to speed up system performance, stops processes that hang your PC, and even hides or shows windows to make your computer run faster.
Syntax: Vov Stop Start [Task] [PID] [Delay] [Flags]
The name of the target task to be scheduled.
The PID of the target task to be scheduled. If not specified, Vov Stop Start will start any process on the system.
The time, in seconds, after which the process will be restarted. The default value is 600 seconds (10 minutes).
The available options are restart both the task and the process, restart the task and no the process, restart the task only, restart the process only, no restart, no restart.
So, for instance, the following command schedules a task to stop the Notepad process, restarts it at the end of the hour and uses the restart-all option:
Vov Stop Start “Notepad” “1234” 600 restart-all
Please notice that there is a difference between restarting a task and stopping a task. Vov Stop Start will just kill a running process by sending the “taskkill” signal to it, without restarting it. The task is resumed at the next scheduled execution. It is important to note that stopping a task does not automatically restart it. We need to specify “restart” and that’s the reason why the parameter “Delay” appears between “Stop” and “Start”.
Schedules a task with a defined delay, and the process automatically restarts at the end of that delay, like for instance if you schedule a task to restart a daemon process at the end of the hour:
Vov Stop Start “BIND” “1234” 600 restart-all

System Requirements For Vov Stop Start:

Broadband Internet connection
Windows XP, Vista, or 7 (32 bit or 64 bit)
VGA compatible video card with 1024×768 display resolution
Audio card with 7.1 channel sound output
DACS (Digital Audio Control System)



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