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Zback Portable Crack With License Key Download

Zback Portable Download With Full Crack makes it easy to backup and synchronize the files you care about, which is a handy alternative for maintaining your digital information when you are away from the computer or when you need to work offline
After installation, you can add the synchronization logic you want to use; for example, Zback can synchronize directories with a single folder or the whole directory tree in a certain direction
Besides syncing, you can also back up files, including folders, entire devices or even removable media
Besides, you can exclude certain files from the synchronization process, either manually or automatically
In addition, you can have a preview of the sync results before starting it
This allows you to make sure that you are on the correct folder or otherwise, etc.
Creating Zback Portable
You can download the portable version of Zback Portable on the official website at
The application is also available for download via the Google Play store
The PUP version of Zback Portable can be installed on any Windows computer
It’s a small application with only one icon on the desktop, so it’s extremely easy to access
The software can also be run by using the EXE, although it requires.NET Framework 2.0 or greater
This reduces the impact on older versions of Windows OS
After opening the installation file from the archive, follow the instructions to install the software
You can obtain the application using the Google Play Store or the official website
Application Features
Zback Portable works like a real library
Once installed on your computer, you can synchronize the files with other programs, such as your antivirus, cloud storage or cloud synchronization solution.
Zback is simple to use
The interface is very clean and can be accessed simply
This application includes the option to synchronize files in a certain direction
You can also run batch commands against any number of files at once
This is especially useful for backing up or even deleting multiple items simultaneously
It is possible to add or remove items to the synchronization process manually
Zback Portable is capable of filtering out the types of documents to be moved to the target folder
This can be especially useful for handling specific situations
With the Advanced Options, you can specify file masks manually
This is extremely useful for allowing you to sync only certain files
It includes the Automatic Sync Preview option
This option allows you to get a sense of the final sync result
So you can spot the inaccurate files or any other incorrect data.

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English, German, French, Italian, Spanish

Account Management:

Limited free / open edition

Release Date:

September 4, 2011


Zback Software, Inc.


Free – Requires at least version 1.7 or higher

Zback Portable – Free!

We all face the question of whether to buy a file backup and synchronization solution or use the free Zback Portable. Due to the fact that there are so many free options to choose from, it is not a simple question to answer. It is quite likely that most users of the free option will not experience much reason to turn to the paid version. There is the question of risk, the average free file backup and synchronization software does not offer the same reliability, reliability and security as those that come in the paid version.

The paid version, however, is simply a very convenient tool. It is very easy to build a batch file, and then download it to the portable device. The file format has been built specifically for portable devices; therefore, it is easy to send through email, or even through SMS. The file can be easily backed up in an external hard drive, and transmitted to the target device. Zback Portable is a great solution for those looking to be able to send, or receive, files anywhere. You can even include pictures in the transfer, so that recipient can share the content with others.

The only drawback is the lack of security. This is a paid program, and if you are going to share your files you are going to need to do so carefully. If you do not encrypt your files, then there is a potential threat that your files could be stolen and used to commit fraud. This is an easy risk to run, especially if the plan is to share a single file with dozens of people. Most free file synchronization and backup programs will encrypt your files, but the paid program will not.

The security of the paid program is a great benefit to those who need more security, because if you want a secure program, then Zback Portable is the best way to go. The program is extremely reliable, and will not crack or lose important files. If you want to encrypt your files, then Zback Portable is a terrific solution that you can rely on to ensure the security of your information. If you are going to send a file to someone, and trust that person to share the information with others, then you will

Zback Portable Crack+ Torrent (Activation Code)

1. Context Menu
Files of the folders include context menu items which allow users to effectively manage all related tasks through a contextual interface.
2. File Browser
The user can browse for the folders or files to process through the appropriate interface.
3. Background Process
The program creates files in the background and users don’t have to wait for the installation process to complete.
4. Preview
Zback Portable allows users to preview synchronization process for every folder in a folder-by-folder basis.
5. Sync. Preview
The program allows you to view the final results of synchronization process for every folder in a folder-by-folder basis.
6. Include/Exclude List
Users can define file inclusion and exclusion lists of their choice.
7. Import/Export Feature
The program allows you to import multiple files at the same time and upload them to your system. Exported files are not stored in the program to avoid any file corruption.
8. Context Menu
Zback Portable offers context menu items that allow users to easily access the essential functions of the resource.
9. Backup
Zback Portable allows the user to backup files/folders. The backup will be stored in a ZIP archive.
10. Include and Exclude Directories
Zback Portable allows you to include or exclude multiple directories from the backup process.
11. Properties
The program allows users to view and modify a number of important settings.
12. Uninstaller
Zback Portable can be removed with the click of a button.
13. Compatibility
Zback Portable can be installed/uninstalled on all the Windows operating system.
Zback Portable Features:
Unlimited Number of Target Folders
If users don’t wish to include files and folders and only want to backup a specific folder, Zback Portable can do that too.
Unrestricted Number of Source Folders
Users have the freedom to choose from an unlimited number of source folders.
Multiple Ways to Perform a Synchronization
Manual, Scheduled, Auto and File System – Simply choose from the four provided modes and the software will pick up the work for you.
Option to Select Different Files to Process
The program provides the user with the option to select folders and files to synchronize.
Generate & Run Batch Commands
If users wish to automate the process, they can simply generate batch commands to execute for the selected folders/files. The commands are saved in a file named.bal.

What’s New In?

Zback Portable is a powerful, easy to use backup application that allows users to easily manage, backup and synchronize their files and folders. The application offers easy customization options and detailed documentation, so you can effectively utilize the software as you want to.
The resource allows users to back up folders and their content via several methods, including the local storage device and USB external drives. One can also store data in various cloud-based services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. Additionally, users can also backup data to data storage services such as Dropbox and iCloud Drive with their iCloud account, provided that they have activated the service.
Users have the option of backing up both documents and the corresponding metadata, including data on their locations, sizes, creation and modification dates, and file associations.
The program also offers advanced functionality that allows users to manage their files remotely. One can connect to multiple computers and backup data from any of them, as well as manage the backup of entire folders through proxy servers.
Some of the options that are available include scheduling, the ability to restrict access to backup folders and the capability of canceling a backup task. Additionally, the program provides an impressive tool set that allows users to effortlessly customize the process and quicken the backup of vital folders.
Other features include full compatibility with various file types including office documents, spreadsheets, presentation files and image formats, as well as various option for sending notifications, restoring previous files, and easily publishing data to a web server.
System Requirements:
Windows XP or later:
Windows 7 or later:

iPad/iPhone/iPod touch:

iPad/iPhone/iPod touch (iOS 8.3 or later):

iOS 7:

1. Back up multiple folders to cloud service accounts by proxy
2. Back up your folders to your PC from remote computers
3. Back up online to Google Drive, DropBox and OneDrive, provided that you have activation
4. Back up the whole local computer via Wi-Fi or network to Google Drive, DropBox and OneDrive
5. Send alarms when folders are modified or when new files or folders are added to your PC
6. Share folders, documents and files to Twitter, Facebook and/or Google +
7. Restore previous files with Windows Server Backup and Windows Easy Recovery or the Time Machine Feature
8. Full support for Office files including PowerPoint, Excel, Word and others
9. Create and customize the backup schedules

System Requirements For Zback Portable:

Operating System: Windows 10 x64 SP1 and Windows 8.1 x64
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.5 Ghz
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: 2GB video card (Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870)
Sound: HD audio, system sound, headphones
Video: 720p or 1080p
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